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Hamilton Dramaturgy Press has just released a new trio of plays by Warren Bodow. The book is available in paperback and as an eBook through http://www.lulu.com.

A collection of three 10-minute one-acts, THREE SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE offers an evening of pithy views of Valentines Day’s impact on a diverse set of characters. SWEETS FOR MY SWEET demonstrates how a guy’s plans for a gift for his lover are overturned by a cunning stranger, to the stranger’s benefit. MY OLD FLAME poignantly portrays a long-married couple dealing with the existence of a Valentine’s Day card signed by neither of them. In STAY TUNED a woman sits alone in her big-city apartment waiting for ‘him’ to call. When flowers arrive, we witness her unexpected reaction and an even more surprising conclusion.

Taken together, THREE SHORT PLAYS ABOUT LOVE offers a half-hour of laughter, irony, turn-about and reconciliation. The playwright conceived the trio for theatre companies wishing to determine a timely way to cultivate audiences and donors with a mid-winter evening of theatre, food and drink and have everybody home by nine o’clock.

Staging, casting and lighting requirements are simple and easily managed by theater companies large or small. All three plays have been successfully staged for paying audiences. Casting: SWEETS FOR MY SWEET, 2W, 1M; MY OLD FLAME, 1W, 1M; STAY TUNED, 1W, 1M (offstage).

To inquire about licensing these plays, write to Anne Hamilton at hamiltonlit@ hotmail.com or call 215-536-1074.

Warren Bodow can be reached at wabodow@aol.com or through hamiltonlit@gmail.com

Playwright’s Bio

Warren G. Bodow is a ‘second-act’ playwright, having turned to this craft following a thirty-year career in broadcasting, most notably as president, for fifteen years, of two New York City radio stations. For three years, he was board chair of the Arts & Business Council of New York. He has written six plays, all of which have been produced in festivals or as fully-staged box-office productions. His second play, RACE MUSIC, was performed on Theatre Row and received critical acclaim from The New York Times in 2009. A native of Syracuse, New York, he graduated from Syracuse University and served as chair of the Newhouse School Advisory Board. He lives with his wife, Ellen, in New York City and in Tucson, Arizona.

Hamilton Dramaturgy Press publishes plays, poetry, and children’s literature.


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